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pow! super mum. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[06 Jun 2011|09:54am]
updates, i guess. about time.

i have a MSc. Convocation is in a week.
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[02 Nov 2009|08:45pm]

this weekend was fun! today, not so much.
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el oh el [14 Jul 2009|05:52pm]
test post from mai phone, now with the browser but sk-lj. :)
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[09 Jul 2009|05:00pm]
Waiting for the ferry to the island. Ugh so hot here.
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[11 Apr 2009|08:51pm]
weekend goal is get.

new glasses (but i gots to wait 3 weeks)! my prescription is slightly worse, so i can use all my other ones (~8 pairs) still too.
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[21 Mar 2009|09:20pm]
ugh, i hate that the only jeans that fucking fit me cost so fucking much.

oh, the horrors of my life.

pps: i am so amazingly bored right now.
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oh fuck. [24 Feb 2009|03:26pm]
Dear Denmark,

thanks for all the pop music, ever.


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[20 Feb 2009|10:41pm]
omg, i totally just bought a shiny metallic leather jacket.
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[17 Feb 2009|07:54pm]
got my new ps3 today! by new, i mean factory refurbished 60gb model.


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[15 Feb 2009|01:28pm]
I am a weapon of massive consumption, it's not my fault; it's how I'm programmed to function.


In other words, I rather like Lily Allens' new CD, even if she is a big old cow most of the time.

That lyric really does resonate with me though. UGH.
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[10 Feb 2009|07:40am]
hello solid food, why must you taunt me so?

back to bed.
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[29 Jan 2009|03:19pm]
my new hd (for my ps3) is in, so happy.

tonight i get to backup and install shit all over again. best times ever.

in other news, ligand synth is go, hydrogenation is nearly done as we speak.
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[29 Jan 2009|01:00pm]
~back in the fives~
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[21 Jan 2009|10:21am]
repo, the opera genetic get!
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[18 Jan 2009|01:58pm]
BSG on Friday was amazing.

Also, I just bit a chunk out of my tongue. It will not stop bleeding. Ugh.
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omg, amazing. [06 Jan 2009|03:00pm]
omg this is amazing.

GG R&B song.
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[20 Dec 2008|11:25am]
i love danish (and scandinavian, in general) pop music.

the older guy was the keyboardist from aqua!

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[26 Nov 2008|07:01pm]

You are Death

Change, Transformation, Alteration.

People fear this card, but if you want to change your life, this is one of the
best indicators for it. Whatever happens, life will be different. Yes, the Death card can signal a death in the right circumstances (a question about a very sick or old relative, for example), but unlike its dramatic presentation in the movies, the Death card is far more likely to signal transformation, passage, change. Scorpio, the sign of this card, has three forms: scorpion, serpent, eagle. The Death card indicates this transition from lower to higher to highest. This is a card of humility, and it may mean you have been brought low, but only so that you can then go higher than ever before. Death "humbles" all, but it also "exults." Always keep in mind that on this card of darkness there is featured a sunrise as well. You could be ready for a change.

What Tarot Card are You?
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Also! [22 Nov 2008|06:13pm]

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[22 Nov 2008|06:11pm]
ok, i really love this song. i am def gonna buy circus when it comes out.

i saw twilight today, with my friend lise cause we needed to waste some time. it was actually not horrible (and the longing glances were amazing. lol)
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